3 Ways to Upgrade and Save

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If you’re like most home owners you know that your money isn’t going to save itself. You’re always on the lookout for ways to save money and keep those bills as low as possible.

At the same time, most of us want to reduce our personal carbon footprints. The perfect solution to saving both money and energy lies in looking for ways to make your home energy smart. A home that consumes less energy is also a home that consumes less money. As the Alberta Government ramps up to launch a high-efficiency appliance rebate program it may be the perfect time for you to start shopping for new home appliances and get on track with saving energy and money.

Despite the fact that the Alberta government wound down their 3-year program managed by Climate Change Central back in 2012, there are still a number of new rebate programs on the horizon including those scheduled to begin sometime in the fall of this year.

The discontinued program, which ran between 2009 and 2011, saw great response from Albertans. The Alberta government issued more than 173,000 rebates worth over $49 million, including:

  • 46,157 clothes washers with a rebate amount of $100
  • 2,969 domestic hot water systems with a rebate of $250 to $300
  • 42,619 furnaces and boilers with a rebate of $400 to $600

The willingness for Albertans to participate in the program made it clear they are looking for ways to help create a more sustainable future.

Coming Soon: The October Energy-Efficient Appliances Program

With the clear understanding that older appliances can be a huge drain on your home’s energy bill as well as a large contributor to green house gas emissions, the Alberta government has decided to reintroduce the high efficiency appliance rebate program. The program is designed to encourage Albertans to replace their energy guzzling appliances with new energy efficient models.

“We are looking at incentives for residential homes. Looking at people replacing their furnaces, fridges, washer-dryers,”  said Environment Minister Robin Campbell in a June article appearing in the Huffington Post. The rebates are in response to demands from conservation groups combined with the fact they were the only area in all of North America that did not currently offer an energy-efficient rebate program.

Receipts for your purchases will need to be submitted in order to receive your rebates. It’s a good time to start shopping around for your dream appliances and new furnace so you are ready to buy when the program launches in October 2014.

2 Other Ways to Save

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are another popular way to reduce your consumption. You can use thermostats such as the Honeywell Lyric in the following ways:

  • Regulate and track temperatures even when you are away using your mobile device.
  • Anticipate temperature needs by automatically adjusting temperatures factoring in humidity and weather.
  • Use shortcuts to program.
  • Go into energy saving mode when you are away.

City of Calgary Toilet Rebates

If you live within the city limits of Calgary you can take advantage of the toilet rebates by replacing your old toilets with new low flow toilets that reduce the amount of water wasted with each flush. The more bathrooms you have in your home and the more people that live there, the more money you can save. Most low-flow toilets not only use less water overall but are designed with two flush settings (for liquid and solid waste) so you can choose the amount of water required.

Rebate Details

There is a $50 rebate available for the purchase of each toilet with the “Water Sense” label. The benefits to installing low-flow toilets are a reduction in water waste, a reduced water bill and protection of the local water stores such as rivers. So it is a win-win-win situation.

You are allowed to apply for a rebate for up to three toilets that must replace old toilet(s) with a flush volume of 13 litres or more. In order to receive your rebate you must have a copy of your receipt and be prepared for a site inspection following the installation of your toilets. You can then apply online with a scan of your receipt or apply by fax or mail.


It is a great time to learn more about what the newer model appliances have to offer, from sleek new fridges and washer/dryers to high efficiency HVAC systems. You will then be primed to make your purchase once the rebate is launched in October.