Drain Cleaning Safely With BioSmart

BioSmart Keeps Drains Flowing Without Harsh Chemicals

BioSmart drain cleanerBioSmart is a natural, safe and environmentally-friendly drain cleaner. It consists of bacteria that love to eat the grease, oil, and other organic materials that will accumulate in your plumbing over time. It’ great for slow drains and clogs, and when used regularly, BioSmart will keep your drains clean and flowing freely. It’s even a Canadian product!

While you can’t buy BioSmart in your local hardware store, Knight is proud to offer this product to its customers, and will deliver it right to your door on request.

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Why Use BioSmart For Drain Cleaning?

Chemical drain cleaners are highly corrosive. They can burn your skin, and are especially dangerous to children and pets. They can also be extremely hazardous (in some cases even explosive) if they are accidentally mixed with other common household products. Even though we rely on them to clean our drains, they’re actually hazardous to your plumbing, especially PVC pipes.

BioSmart is non-toxic and does not react in the same way.

  • Prevents clogs that leads to emergency house calls and even floods.
  • Safe to keep around your family, so you can store it at home worry-free.
  • Safe for the environment. It will not alter the pH of water, and is harmless to fish, amphibians, and other creatures.
  • Will not damage the finish on your sink or other fixtures.
  • Safe for septic systems.
  • Works wonders on grease traps.
  • Great value – a little goes a long way.

Environmental Protection Agency Design for the Environment ProgramBioSmart has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Envisonment (DfE) Program.

How to Use BioSmart

  • Prevention of clogs: use one a month in all drains.
  • Slow drains: add a small amount in the effected drain every day for one week or until the drain works normally.
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