Frequently Asked Questions

Often on the phone, we get a lot of questions from our customers. Here are the three we get most often.

Whether it’s for a repair or an installation, this is the biggest question we get. But unfortunately we can’t answer it without seeing your home.

All homes are unique, and that means the cost to properly repair or install your new fixture or equipment will be unique. It’s just like when you have a health issue – the doctor can’t diagnose it over the phone.

Once we see the issue, we give you a flat rate quote with a full breakdown of all costs. There are no hidden costs of any kind. You approve the quote before work even begins. Best of all, you will never pay a penny more than the quote you approved.

Unlike other companies we’ve heard about, there are no surprise upsells or hidden charges of any kind.

We’d love to be able to say things like, “a new furnace starts at…” like some other companies do.

There are several reasons why we feel it is not ethical to do so:

  • You may think you need a new furnace, toilet, water heater, etc., but really all you need is a part for your existing one. This can save you a lot of money.
  • If you do need a new installation, sometimes our lowest price model won’t work for your home or your needs. There are a lot of variables, and in many cases installing the wrong one can mean your system never truly works for your home, or possibly even costs you more in wasted energy or extra repairs.
  • Some companies will give a “ballpark” but the price is never the same as their “ballpark” estimate. It’s almost always higher. It’s actually a way to get their foot in the door and charge more.
  • If we “ballpark” too low we would not be providing upfront pricing, and you would think we were lying to you over the phone. If we ‘ballpark” too high then you might think of going elsewhere and you’d miss our award winning service!

We prefer to send a licensed, experienced technician to your home, and let them give you their expert advice, the viable options, and the full price quotes for each up front

We can always provide you with a time window for your appointment, either morning or afternoon. You will also get about one hour’s notice through a courtesy phone call, so you’re not tied to your house waiting.

Our priority is you the client. We do our best to get to everyone as swiftly as possible without decreasing our service philosophy, values and ethics while at another’s home. Every client is important and we want them to feel like they are treated as such on every single service call.

Unfortunately we can’t give more precise arrival times than that, because:

  • Sometimes the previous customer asks us to look at additional issues in their home “while we’re there anyway”.
  • Some problems end up being more easy to fix than estimated.
  • Sometimes serious problems take more time to handle properly.
  • Giving clients our full attention and time is what we do for a thorough experience.
  • Traffic can be unpredictable.
  • We need to ensure our technicians never feel pressured into driving faster than is safe. Our GPS system tracks location, speed, sudden accelerations and braking, and generally holds them accountable.

We’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions directly!

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