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Calgary Air Conditioning Installation

Beat the Heat With A New Air Conditioning System Install In Calgary

Getting the most out of summer can sometimes mean getting relief from the heat. Even though Calgary’s winters are more notorious than its summers, we still deal with some soaring temperatures that only an air conditioner can combat.

You might be thinking of getting a portable air conditioner for your Calgary home, but those units are large and clunky, taking up a large portion of whatever room they’re in. Plus, they only cool down the room they’re set up in, not your whole house. Portable air conditioners just won’t cut it for a family home. For true relief from the sweltering heat, central air conditioners are the way to go.

Let Knight come up with the right air conditioning system for your southern Alberta home. You can expect excellent customer service, expert AC installation and maintenance, and professionals who take pride in helping make your living space the most comfortable it can be!

Air Conditioning Services

AC Brands We Carry

Knight carries air conditioning systems from reliable brands like TraneGoodman, and Amana.

There are a wide variety of models in these lines with something perfect for every home and energy requirements. We also install a variety of thermostats, including smart thermostats from Honeywell.

To make sure you get the right air conditioning system, talk to Knight.

Did You Know?

Trane is such a reliable brand that it’s won the Liberty Research Most Trusted HVAC brand every year for the past five years. Our own customers find that Trane AC equipment lasts and lasts, and provides great energy efficiency.

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Goodman is one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers on the market. A Goodman air conditioner is durable, reliable, and quiet. There are a huge selection of efficiency ratings and EnergyStar qualified models to choose from.

Our Knight technicians will help you pick the right air conditioner for your home. Book a call today to get started!

We offer a wide range of Amana air conditioners, to ensure that your unique home is matched with the right system. Amana offers one of the most efficient central air systems available, along with quiet performance and continuous system monitoring.

Even the best air conditioner won’t last or perform well if it’s not installed properly, which is why Knight only hires licensed, professional technicians to install and maintain your HVAC systems.

Trane is such a reliable brand that it’s won the Liberty Research Most Trusted HVAC brand every year for the past five years. Our own customers find that Trane AC equipment lasts and lasts, and provides great energy efficiency.

If you’re thinking about a Trane air conditioner for your home, we can help you choose the right model and provide expert installation.

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Air Conditioning Installation FAQs

Maybe you don’t need to be convinced on a new air conditioner installation, because you already have one in your home. But nothing lasts forever, and your air conditioner has been around for a while. How do you know when it’s time to replace it?

Most air conditioners will last around 15 years, and often longer with regular maintenance and cleaning.

If your air conditioner is more than 8 years old, it might be worth your while to upgrade to a new AC unit. The design and technology has improved rapidly in the last few years, and an upgrade can mean lower energy bills, operating costs, and greater home comfort.

Sizing is a big part of the AC installation process. Expressed in terms of BTUs (British Thermal Units), the higher a number is means the greater the cooling capacity of that AC unit.

An air conditioner that’s too large is just as bad as one that’s too small—neither will get your living space to the level of comfort you want. Factors on sizing include:

  • Size and layout of your home (How much square footage does your home have? Is the floor plan open, or more divided?)
  • Window placement and landscaping (Do you have lots of south-facing windows? Any trees to help shade your home from the sun?)
  • Ductwork and insulation (Is your existing ductwork able to handle a modern air conditioner?)

Your best bet to correctly sizing your new air conditioning system is to ask the experts. Consult a Knight professional who will factor in the specific size requirements for your home, your budget, and your energy efficiency and comfort goals.

Air conditioners are rated for efficiency using SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The greater the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the AC unit is.

Typically, air conditioners with higher SEER ratings do cost more, so you’ll want to buy the most efficient air conditioner you can afford.

Why Trust Knight to Install Your New AC?

Since our family started Knight in 1970, we’ve worked hard to serve the people of Calgary and our neigbours in the surrounding communities. Here is our promise to you:

Over the years our service has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We even won the BBB Business Ethics Award.

  1. We are Certified Goodman Asure Care DealersWe have been specially trained to install their equipment for best performance and longest lifespan.
  2. We guarantee our work. Our No Lemon Guarantee means you’ll get a system that works – or we’ll take care of it.
  3. Competitive prices delivered up front. No hidden fees, no mysterious extra labour costs added at the end. Just the whole truth – before we start work.
  4. Clean, trustworthy, expert technicians. We pride ourselves on our professional and polite behaviour in your home. Our technicians have passed our background check, and attend our weekly customer service training meetings. They know you deserve a technician who arrives on time, installs your air conditioning system correctly, and cleans up before they leave.
  5. Seniors Get a Discount. We know people over 65 are living on a fixed income, so our discount will help make things just a little bit easier.

Our No-Pressure Sales Process and Fixed-Price Quotes

With Knight there is no pressure to buy something that’s more than you need or to rush your decision. We send a qualified service technician to your home to make an evaluation, learn about your preferences, and recommend a system to you. He includes factors like those we list below. The technician does not earn a sales commission, he’s just there to help you figure out the best model for your needs.

Your price quote is all-inclusive, with costs for installation, any related parts or work, and removal of your old unit (if any). There is no additional hourly rates or any guesswork to do.

Once you have your quote, you get a 30-day window to think about it and feel confident in your decision.

How to Get the Right Central Air Conditioning System for Your Home

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a system:

  1. Your home’s square footage should be matched to the system. It might sound like a good idea to get the most powerful system around, or to save and get a small one. A system that is too small won’t cool your home. A system that is too big will be working inefficiently all the time, costing you more in energy bills. It will also leave a lot of humidity in your house, potentially leading to mould or other damage. You have to get the right size for your home. To find out what you need, you can try the sizing chart here.
  2. The SEER rating. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating. The higher the SEER number, the more energy efficient it is – Knight recommends that you go no lower than 13 (they currently go up to 24.5).
  3. Is it Energy Star rated? Energy Star systems work more efficiently and will save you money on electricity.
  4. What are your noise requirements? The condensing unit of a central air conditioning system sits outside your home, but some units can be heard through the ductwork. If quiet operation is important to you, make sure your Knight technician is aware of this.
  5. Do you need different cooling zones in your home? The rooms of your home that are south-facing will require more work to cool than north facing ones. Having multiple thermostats that can control different temperature zones will make for a uniform temperature throughout your home.
  6. Budgeting. For many of us, the cost of a new AC is important, and may be more important than energy efficiency.
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