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Drain Cleaning Calgary

Calgary Drain Cleaning and Sewer Services

For professional drain cleaning and preventative drain maintenance, Knight has the plumbing experts to do the dirty work for you. From minor clogs to emergency sewer backup situations, we can handle anything to do with your plumbing.

Our drain cleaning services are thorough and efficient. We’re able to inspect your drains and even the sewer line for your home and let you know the extent of the problem.

Plumbing Services

Protect Your Plumbing With Regular Drain Cleaning

An easy way to save money on home maintenance repairs in Calgary is to take care of your drains, and invest in regular drain cleaning. Drain cleaning is an important practice because clogged drains can lead to costly messes and even severe plumbing problems.

Our experts will work with you on drain cleaning or any related issues like:

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Preventing Clogged Drains

Over time, debris can build up in any drain, including hair in shower drains (especially if members of your family have long hair) and fats and food debris in kitchen sinks. To help prevent these kinds of problems, you can rely on our drain cleaning services in Calgary:

  • Use a hair trap in your shower. You can get this in any hardware store and it doesn’t require any installation.
  • Never pour fat or grease down the kitchen sink – especially if it is solid at room temperature, like butter, lard or vegetable shortening.
  • Remove all food debris from pots, plates and pans before washing in the sink or stacking in the dishwasher.
  • Use Bio-Clean safe drain cleaner regularly.

Beware of Off-the-Shelf Chemical Drain Cleaners

It’s easy to think that you can put anything down the drain, and then just use a commercial chemical once in a while to flush it out. The problem is that many chemicals can damage your plumbing, especially if it is made of PVC. Even copper pipes can be vulnerable. Also, chemical drain cleaners often can’t fix larger clogs.

View our Drain Clog Prevention Infographic >

Why Get Your Draining Cleaning From Knight?

Our professional drain cleaners will help you out with all drain problems, including sewer services, repairing, garbage disposal clogs, bathroom sink clogs, kitchen drain clogs, as well as all your heating and plumbing problems too. Plus, we believe that you deserve great service, and that means:

  • You’ll know what the total cost will be up front.
  • We’re punctual. That means no waiting around all day.
  • Our “Warehouse on Wheels” guarantees fastest repair because we have the tools and parts we need 99% of the time.
  • Only certified professionals work in your home – you can learn more about our team here.
  • Best parts and service warranty in the industry.
  • We service the entire Calgary area.
  • Seniors get a 5% discount.