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Leak Detection Calgary

When you find yourself with a leak in your Calgary home, Knight Plumbing is there to help any time of the day or night. We’ll get your leak under control, assess the damage, and suggest any repairs. A burst pipe is a headache, and it’s always best to get ahead of the issue- we can help get you prepared!

Leak detection is extremely important as water damage can be a large and costly repair.  If gone undetected it can lead to mold growth, rusted equipment & fixtures, and a growing water bill.

We regularly solve these types of issues for our customers and are happy to offer quick ,reliable service by trusted Calgary professional plumbers.

Yes! We have emergency plumbers available 24-7 if you need immediate assistance.

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Leak Detection

At Knight, our leak detection service in Calgary is designed to help you check for a leak if one is suspected. Our methods vary depending on your particular situation, but we may measure the water pressure in your pipe to see how it compares to the average. We also employ advanced technology to inspect inside your pipes or behind walls, and in some cases, we may use digging or drilling techniques to expose damaged pipes if needed.

Sink is leaking at the bottom. Lady places a bucket under it.

Leak Prevention

There are many different water leak risks in your average Calgary home. If you want to know if there is anything you can do to prevent possible future leaks, one of our professional plumbing experts can do an evaluation and let you know where your dangers are.

Installing a water level alarm will advise you if your basement is flooding, but making sure your plumbing and utility machines are updated and in good working order will help prevent you from ever needing a flooded basement alarm. From a slow leak under a sink to furnaces leaking water, without leak monitors you may find yourself spending a lot of time checking all the potential culprits for leaks. With Calgary’s cold winters, making sure your pipes are protected from freezing and bursting is also essential.

Warning Signs of a Plumbing Leak

  1. An unusually high water bill. 
  2. Walls & Floors feel moist to the touch. 
  3. Water stains & discoloration are showing on your ceiling or walls
  4. Water from the tap is rusty or your sinks are rust-stained
  5. There is part of your yard that is soggy or you notice erosion near your foundation. 
  6. After confirming no water is being used, your water meter is still running.
Leak stains on the ceiling of a home

Damage from Undetected Leaks

The longer a leak goes undetected, the more expensive it will be to fix. This is true in part for your standard utility bills- water bills as well as utilities for powering your hot water tank if your leak is coming from the hot water line. 

What will be the highest cost is the damage water does to your home. Floors or walls commonly made of giprock or wood, will become soggy or moist and need replacing. Leaving moisture behind to sit will lead to mold and mildew accumulation that will spread and cause even more damage. It’s easy to think out of sight, out of mind and that is typically what causes the  biggest issue. 

Depending on where the leak is, it can also mean erosion for your home’s foundation or rusting and damaging anything that gets in contact with the leak- rusting out furnace pipes or ruining equipment that shouldn’t get wet.

Flo By Moen Leak Detector

The Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff by Moen is the best defence you can get in leak prevention and protection. It doesn’t just tell you when it senses leakes or moisture (such as an overflowing drain, or a burst pipe), it also keeps and eye on your whole water system to control and conserve your home’s water. It is a smart water valve that gets added to the main water supply and will send notifications to your phone if there is an issue such as high water pressure that could indicate a clog or frozen pipe- allowing you to fix the issue before it gets worse. 

Combining the Smater Water detector with the Monitor & Shutoff, you get full home protection. You can monitor your usage and set conservation goals in the app, as well as perform daily leak tests to catch any (even the smalles pinhole) leaks that may have begun. 

This also connects to Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-off monitoring! 

Flo by Moen leak detector home diagram

Knight Plumbing are Calgary’s Leak Experts

Your pipes don’t care what time it is, and sometimes it just can’t wait until morning. When you need emergency leak repair, give us a call- our world-class customer support representatives are available 24/7 to take your call. We offer reliable pricing and quality service with no hidden fees from Calgary’s top professional plumbers!

If you don’t have an emergency but want to make sure your home is protected and you are aware of any leak risks, we can help with that too! We give fair and accurate pricing, with no pressure to buy! Our plumbing experts can do an in-home inspection & evaluation before recommending any upgrades or repairs, and will walk you through each option available to be sure you are comfortable with your choice. 

Don’t let your leak flow- give Calgary’s best plumbers a call and we’ll make sure you are well taken care of! 

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