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Get Perfectly Conditioned Water for Your Family

If you have white scale buildup on your plumbing fixtures, Knight provides water softeners and other water treatment systems for your home.

Calgary’s water tends to be hard, and that can mean build-up on your water heater, dishwasher, and even inside your plumbing system. Over time, this build-up can lead to problems or a shortened lifespan for your plumbing or appliances.

Ask us which water softener systems are right for your home and your needs. As a Homestar Winner 6 years in a row – we are on your side.

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Benefits of Treating Your Hard Water with a Water Softener

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There are many water softener benefitsThe main reason to get a water softener? Protecting your plumbing and water heater from scale build up.

  • Prolong the life of your plumbing and ensure you get full water flow.
  • Help your water heater and other appliances last longer.
  • Your water heater will work more efficiently, which can lower your gas bills. You should notice hotter water, and may even want to turn down the temperature on your heater.

Soft water is one of those things that will make life better for your family in a lot of little ways:

  • You’ll use less soap and detergent.
  • Your hair and skin will feel softer, even though you use less moisturizer and conditioner.
  • Your clothes may appear whiter and brighter.
  • Drinking water will just plain taste better.

Once you install it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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What Causes Hard Water?

Hard water has more calcium and magnesium in it. As water flows underground, it can pick up these and other minerals from the rocks. The water in Calgary’s rivers comes from the Rockies, where it collects lots of minerals.

Hard water can dry out skin and hair while reducing the longevity of your clothing and appliances. Knight plumbing knows water softeners and can perform water softener installation in Calgary and area with services that are 100% guaranteed. There are so many benefits to installing a water softener in your home.

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Our Water Softener Brands

We carry a variety of water treatment solutions and can recommend the best choices for your specific needs.

Because we carry many brands, we are confident we can find the right solution to any water problem.

Other Water Issues? No Problem

Different parts of the Calgary area can also have other water issues like:

  • Rust stains in toilets, tubs and sinks (caused by too much iron)
  • “Smelly” water (caused by too much sulphur)

Calgary has two water treatment plants, so water from each may vary in smell, taste, and hardness. Knight can help you find the cause of your water woes, and provide expert advice on remedies and future maintenance to keep your water pure and clean.

Just let us know what your concerns are – we’ll find the right solution for you.