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8 Steps To Prepare Your Central Air Conditioning For Summer

Prepare AC for Summer

Summer’s coming! Yay! That means outdoor fun, long sunny days, balmy evenings… and heat, lots and lots of heat. Hmm. Better check that your air conditioner’s ready to keep you comfortable when the temperature skyrockets.

When’s the best time to get your air conditioner tune-up? Before summer actually arrives. That way, the AC will be in great shape for cooling season, and if it turns out you need any air conditioning repair, you’ll beat the last-minute rush.

Why You Need An AC Tuneup

Professional tune-ups do 3 great things:

Maintain energy efficiency. Reduce your monthly air conditioner costs. Without regular TLC, your air conditioner’s efficiency would decline by about 5 percent every year. Over time, that adds up to a lot of extra cash you’d have to pay for electricity.

Avoid breakdown. One of life’s little nightmares: an air conditioning breakdown in the middle of a Calgary heatwave. Not only will you be without AC for hours or even days till you can get a technician, but you’ll also face hefty repair costs.

Make your cooling system last longer. Save money; keep your AC in peak condition so you won’t have to buy a new one so soon. Careful maintenance helps prevent the wear and tear that leads to “early retirement” for your air conditioning.

You may be tempted to tinker with the AC yourself, but that’s a bad idea. Although DIY air conditioning tune-up might look simple in those YouTube videos, it’s really a job for a pro. Why is that?

Well, a trained technician will arrive at your door equipped with all the parts and supplies they’ll need. Also, an expert knows how to troubleshoot and fix potential AC issues before they turn into major disasters. Last but by no means least, professional tune-up means you won’t accidentally worsen a problem or void your warranty.

Here’s a glimpse at all the steps your professional air conditioning tune-up in Calgary will involve.

1. Is Your Thermostat Working

Your heating and cooling thermostat must be correctly located (150 cm above floor level and away from direct heat sources) and in good working order. The ideal thermostat setting is 22-26° C in summer.

2. Check Air Filter

The air filter has to be clean and unclogged to permit proper air circulation.

3. Check Condenser

Remove leaves and other debris from the outdoor condenser; then clean the fan blades and get rid of excess water. (Condenser clogs are a common cause of air conditioning not cooling the house.)

4. Check Circuit Board

Make sure the circuit board and electrical connections are functional.

5. Check Refrigerant Level

Look at the level of refrigerant. If it is too low, this signals a leak in the system, which must be found and fixed before topping up the refrigerant.

6. Check Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils need to be cleaned and checked over for any damage.

7. Check Blower

The indoor blower fan should be inspected. In an older unit, the drive belt might need adjustment or replacement.

8. Lubricate Moving Parts

All moving parts have to be adequately lubricated to reduce friction, which would otherwise raise your electrical costs.

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