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Knight Wins the 2018 Homestars Giving Back Award

Ryan Wandler, Bernie Wandler, and kids of Copperfield Elementary

We are honoured to announce that we have won the 2018 Homestars Giving Back Award. We love our community, and are proud to be involved in a variety of ways.

About the Homestars Giving Back Award

Knight Plumbing is one of the 70 companies in Canada to receive the Giving Back Award in 2018. This award was created to recognize businesses that are active in their community, and give back whatever they can. This includes donations, time, and labour.HomeStars-giving-back-award-2018

“We believe in contributing to our community, especially a community that does so much for us,” says Ryan Wandler, Vice-President of Knight Plumbing.

“The fact that we would be recognized by a platform as large as HomeStars for our community involvement is amazing, and makes us even more appreciative that we’re able to do what we do.”

Our Community Involvement in 2017

In 2017, Copperfield Elementary School didn’t have a lot of the supplies it needed for its educational projects. We decided to give them a $5,000 donation to help buy the things they needed.

This donation was able to be split among a variety of projects. The first was an agricultural project designed to teach children where their food comes from. We delivered the planters, soil, and seeds to the school in May, and even helped get everything set up. Learn more >

Kids of Copperfield Elementary planting
The kids of Copperfield Elementary help Ryan plant their new garden kits.

The second part of our donation took the form of brand new science textbooks, and musical chimes. The chimes were donated in memory of Knight’s founder and Ryan’s grandfather, Tony Hinger, an avid music lover. Learn more >

“Seeing the looks on the children’s’ faces was one of the best experiences,” Ryan shares. “They still recognize us from when we dropped off their new supplies. They are proof that giving back has a continuous, positive effect in your community.”

Thank You for Supporting Us So We Can Support Our Community

Without our customers in Calgary and beyond, we wouldn’t be able to give back as much as we do. Thank you for continuing to be a part of the Knight family.

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