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Is it Really Important to Save Water?

girl saving water

Our rivers are the lifeblood of Calgary. There have been times in the past where they’ve been cruel, flooding and destroying homes and businesses. But there’s no denying that we wouldn’t have a city without them.

The hot weather and dry conditions this winter and spring throughout Alberta have highlighted the importance of water conservation at Knight plumbing. The City of Calgary has an ambitious plan to become one of the most water-saving cities in North America. Called the “30 in 30” plan, its goal is to reduce water consumption by 30% in 30 years, so that we use no more water in the year 2030 than in 2003.

This goal will stay the same no matter how much our population grows – in fact we’ll need it to ensure there’s enough water to go around.

We’re On Track for a Water Saving Win

This all sounds difficult, doesn’t it? But the amazing news is that we’re already well on our way to succeeding.

  1. Calgary currently has some of the fewest water main breaks in North America. The city has been proactively replacing old water mains and fixing leaks in as little time as possible.
  2. In homes all over the city, people are using less water. In 2003, we used about 325 litres per capita, and in 2015 we were down to 218. That’s a 39% drop!
  3. The city has been replacing old water-guzzling fixtures with more efficient ones in its buildings.
  4. The fire department has even been recapturing and reusing water at its training academy, saving up to 150 million litres of water per year.

Together, we have reduced our water usage by 18.9% so far, and we should all feel proud.

The Bigger Challenge to Come

Calgary is still growing, however, and meeting our water saving goals will become harder in the years to come. In order to reach that 30% savings, city departments, businesses, and families will have to continue to find efficiencies.

How You Can Help

It’s important that we all do our part to help our city get to our 30% water savings goal.

1. Follow our Water Saving Tips

This post contains 22 easy ways to save water. One of the easiest is to install a new water-saving tap, toilet or shower head. With most of them you won’t even notice your saving water – until you see your smaller water bill!

2. Respect Water Restrictions Whenever They Take Place

While there are no formal water restrictions in place right now in Calgary, it’s important to keep up with your local news so you’ll be aware if any are announced. There are 4 levels, each with a list of outdoor activities you should avoid.

Download the City of Calgary’s Water Restriction Guide >

Right now, some of the communities around Calgary have water restrictions in Place.

If you see a neighbour “cheating” when water restrictions are on, if you’re on good terms you can politely let them know they risk being fined if they are caught.

We Can Do It!

If everyone does their part, we can reach our goal. It will help ensure that everyone in Calgary gets the clean, safe water they need as the city grows.