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How to Save Money on Summer Air Conditioning?

How does one stay cool during these hot summer months?

The easiest way to keep comfortable is by blasting your central AC. But sometimes, the easiest solution can be the most costly.

When it comes to combating a hot day, the majority of us want to find that perfect balance between staying cool and saving money. But during the hotter months, those air conditioning bills always seem to sneak up on you.

Your Knight in shining armour his here! We’ve gathered some of the best tips and tricks to help you spend less on summer air conditioning.

1. Window Blinds

On a sunny summer morning, your first instinct is to open your blinds and let that gorgeous sunlight in.

While opening your blinds can set the mood for the morning, you’re contributing heat to your home.

Instead, you can spend less on summer air conditioning by leaving your blinds, drapes and curtains closed.

Depending on the variety of blinds, the Department of Energy (DOE) determined you can reduce your heat gain by 33% to 80% by leaving your blinds down during the day, not allowing sunlight to shine through.

2. Planting Trees

If blinds aren’t your style, you can always bark up this tree by planting a tree.

A great way to increase your energy efficiency is by strategically planting trees outside your house.

Look around your house for windows that bring in the most amount of sun. Then, look for areas outside your house that trees could potentially have the best chance of casting shadows over.

Their only drawback is that trees take time to mature. Some trees take 10-15 years to fully grow while some take  20-30 years. If you’re living at a place that you’re not planning on staying long term,

3. Fans

Fans can be an efficient way to spend less on summer air conditioning. From ceiling fans to box fans, you can maintain a cooler atmosphere without having to lower your programmable thermostat.

If you have a ceiling fan, stand underneath to make sure the air flow is being directed down. This creates the most air movement in the center of the room, which is where you need it most for the “breeze” effect, which will feel cool on your skin.

Remember, a fan cools skin but does not lower room temperature, so be sure to turn off fans when no one is in the same room to save energy.

4. Leaking Air

Even though sharing is caring, you don’t want to be sharing that cool AC with the outside world. Your central air conditioning should be contained and sealed off for a colder home.

Wondering why you’re home doesn’t feel cooler? One possibility is your home isn’t properly insulated.

Some areas of the home that are worth checking out include:

  • Roof
  • Cracked or open windows
  • Flooring
  • Main doors
  • Hollow walls

Walk around your house and feel for cold air. By doing this, you can pinpoint areas that are poorly insulated and leaking air. You can also book a professional to inspect your house for poorly insulated areas.

5. Sitting Duct

Maintaining clean ducts that are properly installed is a huge factor when wanting to spend less on summer air conditioning.

When ducts aren’t properly installed, the distribution of cold air among rooms will be disproportionate. If you’re wondering why some rooms are warmer than others, that’s your best bet.

If you think your ducts weren’t properly installed, consider booking a professional for an evaluation of your duct system.

Second, clean your ducts. Dirty ducts can reduce the flow of cold air cycling through your house.

By cleaning your ducts, you’re allowing the cold air to pass through your air filters without being blocked by dirt.

Knight in Shining Armour

It’s possible to spend less on summer air conditioning to create a more cost-efficient cooling experience. If you’re experiencing any issues with your air conditioning, air ducts, or simply have questions, choose Knight.

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