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Water Heater Installation Calgary

Say goodbye to your outdated tank-modeled water heater and hello to the innovation of a tankless design for increased home comfort and energy savings with the help of the team at Knight!

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With over 50 years of experience, the professional team at Knight has been proudly partnering with homeowners throughout Calgary and beyond. Our team has what it takes to provide you with a customized water heater installation that accommodates your needs and budget!

We put the needs of our clients at the forefront of what we do, so you can expect us to go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with the outcome of your installation! Knight offers an extensive selection of top-quality tankless water heaters that will upgrade your home’s comfort for years to come!

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Enjoy Hot Water on Demand with a Tankless Water Heater

Making the transition from tank to tankless can be very expensive for many homeowners. But there are a number of benefits to doing so that you may not have been aware of, such as:

·  Tankless heaters have a substantially lower prospective to leak and break down, decreasing the chance of water damage to your home. 

·  Hot water is constantly distributed without delay whenever you need it. 

·  Because of their reliability and efficiency, tankless heaters have a lower ecological impact than traditional systems.

·  Tankless water heaters allow you to control the temperature of water throughout your home for customized comfort at all times.

·  Tankless heaters are suitable for both large and small homes, given their compact design.

·  They also have an average service life of 20 years, making them a reliable and affordable investment for the long term. 

What is the most popular type of water heater today?

Given the many advantages they offer homeowners, tankless water heaters are currently the most common and popular form of water heater in homes throughout Alberta. Even though they are more expensive initially, for many homeowners, the savings over time outweigh the price tag.

Therefore, switching from a traditional tank to a tankless water heater might be the answer you’ve been seeking if you’ve been searching for ways to improve the general comfort of your home’s interior and your home’s overall energy efficiency ratings!

We advise getting in touch with the team at Knight to arrange a meeting with a home comfort advisor for a consultation session! During your in-home consultation, you will have the opportunity to learn more about our fantastic financing options and special deals that will assist you in saving money on your new tankless equipment.

We’ll also offer free purchase estimates to homes so they can get an approximate figure on the cost of a new system!

Do you need a permit to replace a hot water tank in Alberta?

Whether or not you need a permit in Alberta to install a water heater in your home will differ depending on the local building codes and regulations in your municipality. For example, in some spots of Alberta, a permit may be required for water heater replacements, mainly if it involves modifications to the electrical, gas, or plumbing systems, while in others, it won’t.

The best thing that you can do is ask for help from your neighbourhood HVAC company. It’s also crucial to remember that individuals shouldn’t install a hot water tank in their residences unless they’ve obtained the necessary training and expertise to guarantee an accurate and safe installation. Don’t risk damaging your home; leave the details to the professionals!

Therefore, if you’re in the market for a new water heater in your Calgary home, we suggest reaching out to the team at Knight to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our home comfort advisors! During this at-home consultation, we’ll give you the low down on our seasonal discounts and financing options that can help you save big on your new tankless water heater! Homeowners will also receive a complimentary new system purchase quote!

Reach out to us over the phone or book your consultation online using our booking form! We look forward to partnering with you!

How long does a hot water tank last in Alberta?

The lifespan of a water heater can be impacted by many factors, including its kind, the quality of the water flowing through your home’s plumbing, prior service records, and how much you use. The lifespans of different types of water heaters are estimated as follows:

·  Tank water heater: The lifespan of conventional tank water heaters is typically between 8 and 12 years because they heat and store water in a tank, which can lead to damage. With regular maintenance, such as draining the tank to remove sediment, they could last longer, although they are typically less efficient over time than contemporary tankless heaters.

·  Tankless water heater: Tankless water heaters have an average lifespan that is far longer than traditional ones, usually 15 to 20 years or more. Regular cleaning is required as part of routine maintenance for areas with hard water to keep them working efficiently.

Now is a great time to consider replacing your home’s water heater if it is nearing the end of its anticipated lifespan in order to avoid unforeseen problems and severe water damage.

To arrange a consultation session with one of our home comfort advisers, get in touch with the Knight team today! We’ll provide you additional details about our current specials and financing alternatives so you can get a new heater for less money! A free quote for the purchase of a new system will also be provided!

Reach out to the team at Knight over the phone or use our online scheduling form! We look forward to partnering with you!