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GeneralAire Air Quality Products Calgary

We’ve made great advances in insulation for our homes, and these days they are more energy efficient than ever. That’s great, because it helps homeowners save on energy for both heating and cooling.

This energy efficiency, however, has created a new problem. Our homes are now so airtight that dust, toxic gasses, spores and pollen get sealed inside our homes. In fact, when our windows are closed, the air indoors can get worse than the air outdoors.

Air Quality Services

Air Quality Solutions for Your Home

For most people this isn’t a huge problem. Sure, they notice their air is dry and stale, but it’s just a minor irritation. For allergy and asthma sufferers, however, even sleeping makes their symptoms worse – let alone exercising or trying to concentrate on work or homework.

Luckily there is equipment available that can make a dramatic improvement in the quality of the air you breathe. GeneralAire is one of the most trusted companies in North America when it comes to whole-home humidification, air filtration and air purification.

It’s easier than you think to get the right equipment to solve your air quality issues. Talk to the friendly professionals at Knight – we can recommend the right air quality solutions for your home.

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Why Get a Whole-Home Unit?

You can buy cheap portable humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air filters almost anywhere. But unless you’re prepared to camp out next to them you won’t get a lot of benefit.

Whole home units are larger, more powerful, and treat your entire home – not just the few square feet surrounding the unit. That means you get complete freedom to go anywhere you want in your home and still get deliciously breathable air.

Whole home units are also:

  • A lot quieter – you aren’t next to the unit and the technology in the motors is better.
  • Way more convenient because filters don’t need to be changed as often.
  • Able to trap a lot more particles than small portable units.

Sure, portable units may have a lower purchase cost, but you can’t beat the results and the value of a whole-home unit.

GeneralAire Humidifiers

GeneralAire Humidifiers - Elite Steam Series

Having a furnace in your home is a matter of survival. But as your trusty furnace heats your house, the result can be indoor air that is drier than a desert.

Why is this a problem? It can harm both you and your house.

For people, overly dry air can not only cause dry, flaky skin and hair, but it can seriously irritate the eyes, throat and nose. Some people get a constant sore throat in winter and are sick much more often. For asthma and allergy sufferers, it gets even worse.

For any wooden products like flooring and furniture (especially antiques) dry air can cause shrinking and warping. Most hardwood flooring manufacturers require you to maintain a good humidity level in order to keep your floors protected by their warranty.

A humidifier will maintain a perfect humidity level all winter long throughout your home. GeneralAire carries a large selection of humidifiers that use different technologies. There’s something for all different needs and budget levels.

The Elite Steam Series

The Elite Steam line offers the best possible efficiency and convenience. Steam is known to be the most effective way to humidify your home

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The Legacy Series

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly solution, the Legacy series offers both flow through and drum humidification technologies.

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The Elite Series

The Elite models offer the best possible humidification without going to a steam humidifier. Bypass and flow through technologies give good humidification results with more savings.

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GeneralAire Dehumidifier

If the humidity level in your home climbs above 50% you become vulnerable to water damage and mould/mildew problems.

How this helps you:

  • Mould and mildew exposure can trigger asthma and allergy attacks.
  • Long term exposure to mould and mildew can lead to more serious health issues.
  • Reduces dust mites.
  • Reduces moisture-loving insect infestations (including silverfish and centipedes).
  • Lower humidity can reduce summer energy bills for air conditioning.

With benefits like quiet operation, maintenance only twice a year, and drier air throughout your home, a GeneralAire dehumidifier is a great option for humidity issues. They can also help in water damage and mould infestation recovery programs.

There are 2 models:

  • The DH70 removes 70 pints of water a day.
  • The DH90 removes up to 95 pints of water a day.

GeneralAire Air Cleaners

GeneralAire HEPA Air Cleaner

Most people know that they need to use a replaceable 1” filter on their furnace. What they don’t know is that these filters help protect your furnace, but they aren’t designed to make serious improvements in your overall air quality.

An air cleaner is more than a filter – it’s designed to make your air easier to breathe. In fact, an air cleaner may contain several kinds of filters or other technologies to trap different particles and gasses.

Our GeneralAire air cleaners include the following models.

Models AC22 and AC24 Air Cleaners

These filters trap an incredible variety of particles, thanks to their 71/72 square feet of filter surface.


  • Rated MERV 11
  • Traps particles as small as 0.01 microns, including pollen grains, pet dander, cigarette smoke, and dust.
  • 97% efficient by weight.
  • Uses 134 W of power.
  • Easy maintenance – just change the filter insert every 6 – 12 months.
  • 10 year warranty.

AC500 HEPA Filter

Need extra relief? Combine the AC500 with an AC 22 or AC 24 air cleaner. The AC 22/24 does the initial cleanup, allowing the 500 to trap the tiniest particles and to remove odours and gasses with its activated charcoal filter.

HEPA (high efficiency particle arrestor) filters were developed in the 1940s to trap tiny radioactive particles. Since then, facilities that need maximum cleanliness (like hospitals and high-tech manufacturers) have adopted HEPA filters. They trap the smallest particles of any known filter technology.


  • Will remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.30 microns.
  • Activated charcoal filter removes cooking odours and gasses like VOCs.
  • Uses 134 W of power.
  • Maintenance: change filter every 6 – 12 months.
  • 5 Year Warranty

GeneralAire HRV Units

GeneralAire HRV Heat Recovery Ventilators

HRV (heat recovery ventilation) allows you to get fresh air in your home while keeping as much heat as possible. In summer, it keeps the fresh air as cool as possible. Basically the way it works is it sends the stale indoor air past a metal casing that comes to the right temperature, which gets transferred to the fresh air coming in. In mild weather, HRVs can be used to provide just a bit of extra warmth or coolness to your home.

Quiet and almost maintenance free for years at a time, GeneralAire heat recovery ventilators are built to last. These models are both designed to trap dust and pollution particles as well as limit incoming humidity. In summer months, it can mean you don’t need to use your air conditioning as often.


  • Operates in intermittent mode or provides continuous ventilation.
  • Variable speed motor adapts to outdoor temperatures automatically for maximum efficiency.
  • Easy to access drain pan collects condensation for removal.
  • Warranty: ventilation motors (10 years), polycore (limited lifetime) and with 5-year limited lifetime warranty on all other components.
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