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Air Conditioning Fun Facts

Air Conditioning history from a Ottawa plumbers

Knight hopes you are enjoying your summer. Here are some fun facts about cooling to help you stay refreshed.

Cooling Ideas in Ancient Times

The ancient Egyptians hung wet reeds in windows so that evaporating water could cool and moisten the dry, hot desert air. The Romans circulated water supplied by aqueducts in the walls of their buildings. The Persians, already using wind towers for natural ventilation in their buildings, combined them with water reservoirs to get naturally cool air indoors.

Rotary fans were in use in China in the second century, and were water-powered by the 5th century.

Who Invented the Modern Air Conditioner?

Willis Carrier created the first truly modern air conditioner in 1902 in Buffalo, NY. He was looking for a way to control temperature and humidity in the printing plant where he worked. The actual name “air conditioning” was coined by Stuart Cramer in 1906.

Air conditioning didn’t come to private homes until 1933, when David St. Pierre duBose designed ductwork for his own home that could deliver cooler air throughout.

Why Are Air Conditioners Measured in Tons?

In the days before air conditioning, cooling and refrigeration happened through big blocks of ice. A ton was originally the cooling power produced by a ton of ice that melting over 24 hours.

Nowadays, the “ton” means 12,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour of cooling.