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Benefits Of Financing A New Furnace

Benefits Of Financing A Furnace

If your furnace keeps shutting off or has stopped working altogether, there’s no doubt about it. You need a replacement fast. During our cold Calgary winters, a furnace in good working order is not a luxury – it’s an essential appliance for your home comfort. So you’ll have to shop around for a new furnace … but how in the world are you going to pay for it?

This is exactly the reason why your friends at Knight Plumbing (that’s us!) have designed a special offer to help you out. It goes like this: You buy the new heating and cooling system that you need, and we will finance it.

No need to pay those high credit card interest fees or go through the hassle of applying for a personal loan. Instead, we will provide financing for a furnace installation on convenient terms and at a very reasonable interest rate.

Finance Vs. Buying A Furnace

As discussed above, when you need a new furnace, that’s one purchase which absolutely cannot wait, especially during a freezing Alberta winter. However, facts are facts. A furnace costs quite a nice chunk of change, particularly when you’d like to invest in an energy-smart high-efficiency furnace.

If you are the type who happens to have a few thousand dollars in cash just burning a hole in your wallet, more power to you.

For the average homeowner, though, emergency household expenses like this one may amount to more than your monthly budget can manage comfortably. Still, you don’t want to compromise by either:

  • renting a furnace (those “low” monthly rental payments add up amazingly quickly – and yet you’re left with nothing at the end) OR
  • scraping together sufficient funds to buy a lower-end model (which could cost you a bundle in utility bills).

That’s why financing your new furnace makes so much sense. Knight stocks a wide selection of furnaces for installation at various price points. You pick the model that suits your household and pay an affordable rate.

Another important point to consider: Owning a high quality, energy-efficient furnace will add value to your home if you plan to sell.

How It Works

Does all this sound too unbelievably good to be true? Believe it! Here’s how it works:

  1.     How To Qualify For Financing On A New Furnace

Come in and have a chat with us to explore the possibilities. Together, we’ll work out how much financing you qualify for. Then based on that figure, we will select the best furnace or HVAC system for you. Alternatively, you can fill out our handy online form for financing on purchases over $1,000.

  1.     Quick & Easy Process

We are here to help. Knight simplifies the process in order to make your furnace financing quick and easy to arrange. All it usually takes is 5 to 10 minutes on the phone to obtain approval through our lending institution, Home Trust. (Occasionally there will be a 24-hour wait for final approval.)

  1.     High Approval Rate

Our financing approval rate for Knight customers – like you — is really something to smile about. It is an excellent 93%!

  1.     Low Monthly Payments

The interest rate on your new furnace purchase will come out to 8.75% or lower. (Your rate decreases when you use our financing for a higher-end furnace or several appliances.) That is substantially less than what you would pay on any credit card or personal loan. Add in a generous payment period of up to 5 years — 60 months — and you’re looking at low monthly payments that will fit comfortably into your budget.

If you choose to pay off the balance of your purchase at any time, you are free to do so. Unlike the terms and conditions of many conventional loans or appliance rental agreements, there will be no penalty or buy-out fee attached.

  1.     Our Personal No-Lemon Guarantee

Now here’s a little something to sweeten the deal even further. Even after we have completed your brand new furnace installation, Knight will still be there for you. As part of our No-Lemon Guarantee If something we repaired or installed breaks within 2 years, we will come back and fix it for free! Just our way of showing that Knight cares about your comfort!

Afford The Furnace You Need

When you need a new furnace now, call Knight at (587) 317-2535. We’ll be happy to discuss your financing options and find the heating system that is right for you.

Finance Your Furnace