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Beware of “Free Repair Estimate” Scams

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Have you ever called a company to do a repair, only to find that costs just keep going up, up, up once they start working?

Only when they say they’re done do you have any idea what you’re supposed to pay or how long it will take. You often don’t find out until too late what exactly is included – and not included! – in the costs.

You were told on the phone that it was free to have someone come to the door. The problem is, that was just a tactic to get you roped in.

The Clear Alternative

At Knight, we have one flat fee that covers the cost of sending an expert technician to your home to figure out what what’s broken and give you a quote for the repair.

The technician reviews all the unique variables for your home and the issue you want us to solve. They then provide a complete price quote for the work in advance, with all costs included.

Sometimes our customers ask about this initial diagnostic fee (in house we call it a callout fee). They mention that some other providers promise free estimates.

The Actual Cost of “Free” Estimates

The truth is, you’ll be paying that estimate fee whether it’s open and up-front, or hidden into other costs.

In some cases, that “free” diagnostic actually comes with a 2-hour minimum labour charge, even if the repair only needs 15 minutes. In other cases, costs for parts or labour are just plain inflated. One company we’ve heard about makes an assessment for free, but then charges $160 to actually tell you what it is and how much it will cost to fix!

That’s not how we like to do things. We would rather tell you the real cost of sending a fully trained, qualified technician to your door, plus the time they need to look at the situation and walk you through the options.

It ensures that any repair quotes we give you are honest and accurate, and that you never get any surprises from hidden fees.

In addition to that, our work is covered by our guarantee. It all adds up to a more transparent experience for you, and one that you’re happy with down the road.

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