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Knight Donates Buddy Bench to Copperfield School Playground

Knight Plumbing is proud to have donated a brand-new Buddy Bench to the Copperfield School playground. To commemorate the occasion, Knight participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony including Copperfield teachers and students.

What Is A Buddy Bench?

A Buddy Bench is a practical way to bring kids together. If a child is too shy to approach other kids to play, they can sit on the Buddy Bench. This will indicate to other kids that this child is looking for someone to play with. Knight is proud to be apart of such a great cause and initiative.

Knight Plumbing believes in the power of inclusivity. We believe every child deserves the right to have fun regardless of who they are. Thanks to Copperfield School staff for making this moment a memorable one.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Copperfield School Buddy Bench