Did You Know About These 5 Water Softener Benefits?


You always hear that hard water is bad, but very rarely do people explain why, or elaborate on why softer water is good for you.

We’re sharing what the difference is between the two, and the water softener benefits you’ll want as soon as possible.

Minerals Make the Difference Between Hard and Soft Water

Calgary’s water is characterized as hard, which means that it has high levels of calcium and magnesium. Hard water isn’t harmful, but it is the high levels of those minerals that cause the white scale buildup on your appliances and in your shower. Mineral build-up can also cause your hot water to be way too hot.

Soft water doesn’t have such high levels of calcium and magnesium. Instead, a standard water softener will add sodium to make it soft.

The Water Softener Benefits For You and Your Home

If you’ve never seriously thought about what’s in your water and how it affects you and your home, now is the time to start. You could be missing out on water softener benefits that are too good to pass up.

1. Softer Water Will Give You Softer Hair and Skin

Do you notice after you wash your hair that it is dry and dull? Perhaps you’ve washed your skin and found it dry and irritated. You’ve most likely tried switching soaps and shampoos to see if that would help. We’re guessing it didn’t work as well as you hoped. That’s because the real problem might be the magnesium and calcium levels in your water.

Certain types of hair will react to hard water in a negative way – simply put, you’ll have major frizz, dry scalp and hair, and a dull, faded look. Your skin will also feel the effects. It can dry out and become itchy and irritated.

Installing a water softener will filter out those harsher minerals, and make your hair and skin softer and healthier.

2. Water Softeners Help You Save Money

Hard water has a high level of calcium, which is not an effective conductor of heat. What does this mean? It means that as scale builds up from the minerals in your hard water, your water heater has to use more energy to reach the temperature you want.

You end up paying a higher energy bill simply because the minerals in your water are making it harder for your water heater to do its job. We agree, that doesn’t seem right!

A water softener system will stop further buildup from occurring, and give your water heater a chance to work its magic efficiently. In fact, with no scale to stand in its way, you may find your water heats up so much that you have to adjust the temperature.

Using a water softener means your energy bills will be where they should be, and you’ll have hotter, more gentle water to boot.

Extra Perk: Using a water softener will mean that your drinking water will no longer have that calcium/magnesium taste. Who doesn’t love better-tasting water?

3. Your Plumbing Will Last Longer With Reduced Risk of Clogs

Just as your water heater gets scale buildup from hard water, so too does your plumbing. And no one wants to have buildup in their plumbing. Not only does this decrease the diameter of your pipes, which limits flow and efficiency, but it can decrease your plumbing’s lifespan.

The water softener benefit you’ll appreciate the most is the lack of buildup. Not only will this reduce your chances of inconvenient and messy clogs, but it will ensure that your pipes last as long as possible.

Remember: A water softener will not eliminate the risk of clogs, or other plumbing problems. For example, a clog will occur if things like grease are poured down the sink. If you suspect a plumbing problem, or are in need of emergency service, we can help.

4. You’ll Spend Less Time Cleaning

There’s been a lot of talk about scale buildup. If you’ve spent any amount of time cleaning a bathroom, you know what it is, even if you’ve never known what it was called. It’s that white buildup you’ve spent hours scrubbing away.

It’s absolutely everywhere if you have hard water – in your pipes, coating your bathtub and shower, sticking mercilessly to your appliances. You’re at your wits end trying to get everything looking clean.

This water softener benefit is one you’ll be grateful for every cleaning day. You can take back those hours you’ve spent scrubbing and do something infinitely more fun.

5. Your Laundry Will Be Cleaner and Brighter

Are you noticing your laundry is looking faded, coarse, and even occasionally still dirty? Like with your hair and skin, you’ve probably switched laundry detergents in an attempt to fix the problem, but with no success.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault or the soap’s. Soap doesn’t lather up as well in hard water, meaning you end up having to use more and more just to get the level of clean you want.

Using a water softener system will be gentler on your clothes, leaving them soft and bright, but will help get that rich lather you need from your soap to get them sparkling clean.

Our Salt-Based Systems Get You All the Water Softener Benefits

Like everything else, a water softener comes with pros and cons, but it it worth learning more about, particularly when it comes to how they work. At Knight, we use brands we know and trust. This includes water softener systems.

Our salt-based water softeners are top of the line, and will give you all the water softener benefits you’re missing out on.

Depending on your home and your needs, you may need a particular water softener system. Our expert installation technicians will be able to advise you on which water softener will work best.

We’ll Handle the Process From Start to Finish

We pride ourselves on exceptional service from the time you contact us to the completion of your service and beyond. We’ll help you find the right water softener, install it, and answer any questions you may have about the process.

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