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Ranchlands: Great for Growing Families

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Ranchlands is a well-established northwest Calgary community. Created in 1977, it has grown to a population today of almost 8,000 residents. This community is the perfect place for a young and active family to settle down and grow. It is home to two elementary schools, St. Rita Elementary School and Ranchlands Elementary School, giving residents a choice between the separate and public school systems. Ranchlands also has a very active community association, nearby shopping, dining, and health services, and plenty of parks and outdoor spaces where you can go for some fun and recreation.

An Active Community Association

If a sense of community spirit is what you’re looking for, than you can definitely find it in Ranchlands!

Ranchlands Community Association Calgary Facebook page
Image credit: Ranchlands Community Association

The Ranchlands Community Association does a wonderful job at making Ranchlands residents feel as if they are part of a strong and closely knit community. The association keeps a frequently updated Facebook page where you can go to get information about all of the latest community news and events that are being held at the Ranchlands Community Centre, which is located on the corner of Ranchview Drive and Ranchlands Blvd. They also publish a monthly community newsletter called “The Ranchlands Roundup.”

Nearby Shopping, Dining, and Services

Though Ranchlands is fairly small in terms of land area, there are three separate plazas located conveniently throughout the community.

Ranchlands Plaza on Ranchview Drive is well known for being the location of Stavros Pizza & Sportsbar, a popular local bar with good food and a lively, friendly atmosphere. Ranchlands Plaza is also where many residents go for their dental checkup at the Ranchlands Dental Clinic. Just a few units down is also where you can find the Docere Wellness Centre, a holistic clinic which focuses on alternative approaches to good health. This is where you should go if you are interested in naturopathic medicine, chiropractic treatment, and acupuncture.

Ranchlands Square, which can be found just off Ranchlands Blvd, has a couple of fantastic eateries that you shouldn’t pass up. The Stonewall Pub has a tasty selection of sandwiches and burgers, while Masala Express is the place to check out if you are craving some authentic East Indian cuisine. Ranchlands Square is also where you can sign your child up for dance classes at the DanScott Dance Studio. Classes are offered in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, and more!

Ranchlands Village is the largest plaza in the community, and is where you can go for a variety of different Alberta Health Services. Located in the plaza is a walk-in clinic, a pharmacy, laboratory services, and other important health service locations. Right next door to the walk-in clinic is a used book store called “Fair’s Fair,” where you are sure to find some interesting reads. If you are looking for some yummy and healthy food to feed to your pets as well, then you should check out Tail Blazers, a health food store for animals.

Plenty of Parks for Fun and Recreation

One of the drawbacks of many modern suburban communities is the lack of green spaces amidst all of the closely built houses. No matter where you live in Ranchlands, however, chances are that you lives close to a park where you can go to stretch out your legs and run around.

One such park is known as Ranchero Park. Accessible from Ranchero Drive and Ranchlands Blvd, Ranchero Park has soccer fields, two baseball diamonds, and a playground that kids will love. Ranchlands Community Park is another fantastic location to go and have some fun with family and friends. It is also home to soccer fields and baseball diamonds, as well as tennis courts and some incredibly fun tobogganing hills.

Though not officially named, there is a big park of forested hills which are criss-crossed with walking paths located off Ranch Estates Drive. The tops of the hills offer great views of the downtown skyline, and walking the forested paths while taking in the fresh air can make you feel like you have left the city and are out in the foothills of the Rockies. It is truly a unique experience to have in the middle of Calgary!