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Set Your Thermostat At The Best Temperature For Winter

Winter Thermostat Temperature Calgary

Would you like to save money on heating this winter? Here’s how to do it without freezing.

FACT: The ideal temperature for your thermostat in winter actually varies depending on the time of day and your activity. And when you set your thermostat correctly, you’ll be comfortable and cozy, without gobbling energy and spending a fortune on heat. (Yes, even in Calgary’s cold.)

What’s The Ideal Temperature For Your Thermostat In Winter — At Minimum?

Never turn the furnace off completely in winter. Icy cold indoor temperatures can freeze your pipes and your houseplants. Plus, the heating system will require that much more energy to bring your house back up to a normal temperature when you need it. At the end of the day, even a few hundred dollars in heating costs will be thousands less than repairs from burst pipes.

Ideally, you should set your thermostat down to 17°-19° Celsius just before you leave for work in the morning or go to bed at night. This is warm enough to take the chill out of the air, yet cool enough to save energy.

What’s The Ideal Temperature For Your Thermostat In Winter — During The Day?

When you are home during the day, you’ll generally want to set the thermostat between 20° and 22°. This depends on your level and type of activity. If you are working out or cooking, say, you will probably prefer a temperature at the lower end of the scale, but when you’re vegging out in front of Netflix, you might want a warmer setting (or a fuzzy sweater).

Everyone tends to have a different temperature preference, so try to find a thermostat setting that will keep your whole family happy. Be careful to avoid the “one temperature fits all occasions” mentality, too. By adjusting the thermostat when appropriate, you can find a balance between cutting energy use and enjoying your home in comfort.

Use A Programmable Thermostat To Cut Heating Costs The Easy Way

When we talk about adjusting the thermostat, we don’t mean that you have to be constantly fiddling with the temperature setting. A programmable thermostat is a fantastic help in managing your home temperature and saving money on heating costs this winter – you could save as much as 15%. Just program it to adjust the heat according to when you’ll be at home and active.

Find Out How To Save Even More Money On Heat

In addition to installing a programmable thermostat, there are plenty of simple and painless ways to cut your heating expenses. Try these tips:

1. Insulate Your Home

Unless your house is superinsulated, you’ll quickly lose precious heat no matter what your thermostat setting may be. So, install insulation and seal up cracks. This is a home maintenance task that will pay off in energy savings for years to come.

2. Ensure That Your Heat Can Circulate

Move any furniture and window treatments away from your heating vents to allow for good airflow. When your heat can circulate throughout the room, you will feel it much more.

3. Have Your Furnace Tuned Up

With regular care, your furnace can continue operating at its peak for years to come. Have a professional furnace cleaning and tune-up every year to increase furnace efficiency. You’ll reduce your energy costs, avoid expensive repairs, and even extend the life of your furnace.

4. Balance Your Registers

Warm air rises and cool air sinks – it’s why your basement is cold in the summer and your bedroom so hot in the winter. Strategically closing the vents in little-used rooms, and opening them in your most common living areas can decrease the amount of heating you need to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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