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Shower Drain Smells But Not Clogged 

Shower Drain Smells But Not Clogged 

Does your shower drain smell, even though it isn’t clogged? If so, you’re not alone. This is a standard bathroom plumbing issue that we encounter all the time as a professional plumbing company. Not only can this problem be annoying, but it can also cause extreme discomfort.

Luckily, the team at Knight Plumbing is diving into the potential causes of shower drain issues, so you can learn how to fix it going forward. To learn more, keep reading!

Why Does My Unused Shower Drain Smell?

Foul smells coming from an unused shower drain can be unpleasant, to say the least. Even in cases where the drain isn’t obstructed, these odours frequently result from the following factors:

·  Bacterial growth: Inside your drain, there are bacteria that feed on organic matter. Static water can build up in the P-trap, the U-shaped pipe beneath the drain, when the bathroom fixture doesn’t run for a while. This stagnant water turns into a haven for germs, which give out foul smells.

·  Sewage gasses: Plumbing systems are equipped with vents that are intended to safely expel waste gasses outside of your house. Sulfurous odours may seep into your bathroom through the drain if these vents become clogged.

·  P-trap drying out: The P-trap is essential to keeping sewer gasses out of your home. But it can lose its barrier properties if it dries out from lack of use. This makes it possible for sewage gasses and odours to rise into the drain.

·  Biofilm buildup: On the inside surfaces of your drain, a biofilm made of hair, soap scum, and other debris may accumulate over time. Odorless gasses are produced by the bacteria present in the biofilm.

Try refilling the P-trap with water down the drain to solve these problems, or utilize natural cleaning products to dissolve biofilm. If this doesn’t work, then it is recommended that you reach out to a professional plumbing company in your area, as they will be able to diagnose and repair the root cause of the issue you’re experiencing.

How Do I Get Rid of a Smelly Shower Drain?

Usually, cleaning out a foul-smelling shower drain is a simple process that homeowners can undertake on their own before calling a professional plumbing company. Here is a step-by-step approach to assist you in eliminating the smell:

1. Flush with hot water: Start by pouring five to ten minutes of hot water down the drain. This aids in clearing the drain of any germs, biofilm, or organic waste.

2. Baking soda: One cup of baking soda can be poured down the drain. Give it ten to fifteen minutes to sit. Baking soda aids in the breakdown of organic leftovers and smell neutralization.

3. Vinegar: Then, down the drain, pour one cup of white vinegar. A foamy reaction will occur when vinegar and baking soda are combined. Give it a good 15 to 30 minutes to sit. This also aids in deodorizing and cleaning the drain.

4. Boiling Water: Use boiling water to clear the drain.

5. Repeat if needed: You might need to carry out the procedure again if the scent continues.

These techniques should help you get rid of the smelly shower drain most of the time. However, if the odour persists, we suggest consulting a professional plumber who can inspect and address the problem.

Does Pouring Vinegar Down the Drain Make It Smell Better?

Yes, pouring vinegar down the drain can help make it smell better. Vinegar is a practical household item for deodorizing and cleaning drains. It works by breaking down organic matter, bacteria, and other substances that can lead to foul odours.

The smells of food leftovers, soap suds, and mildew are just a few of the prevalent drain smells that vinegar’s acidic content can help neutralize and get rid of. We suggest using a combination of vinegar and baking soda. When mixed together, they produce a chemical reaction that helps clear the drain pipes of material.

Here’s how you can use vinegar to make your drain smell better:

1. Pour a cup of white vinegar down the drain.

2. Allow it to sit for about 15 to 30 minutes to break down odours and clean the pipes.

3. Rinse with hot water to flush away any remaining residue and odour.

 Ultimately, your drain can be effectively cleaned and bad odours removed with this all-natural, non-toxic procedure. If you’re worried about harsh chemicals in your home, vinegar and baking soda are the way to go. That said, if the smell lingers or is a result of a bigger plumbing problem, you should take care of the underlying issue or call in a licensed plumber for help.

 In conclusion, sewage gasses, biofilm accumulation, bacterial development, and P-trap drying up can all be responsible for the foul odour emanating from a shower drain that appears to be unclogged.

 Thankfully, fixing this problem is usually a simple procedure. Usually, you can help get rid of the bad smell by cleaning the drain with hot water, using vinegar and baking soda to break down organic debris and neutralize odours, and doing routine drain cleaning.

 Remember that keeping your shower drain free of odours and unclogged not only improves your bathroom experience but also makes your home more comfortable and hygienic.

 Therefore, if you’ve tried the steps above and you’re experiencing smelly drains throughout your home despite there being no presence of a clogged drain, we suggest reaching out to the professional plumbing team from Knight Plumbing for assistance.

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