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Honeywell’s New Smart Thermostat is Coming in August

Lyric smart thermostat app

Honeywell's Lyric smart thermostatMany people associate Honeywell thermostats with the iconic golden dome-shaped dial, but with Lyric, Honeywell has stepped into the smart thermostat market.

If you’re into home technology, you’ve probably heard of Google’s Nest smart thermostat, which allows you to control your home temperature via a smartphone app. The Lyric is Honeywell’s answer.

Traditional programmable thermostats allow us to set up schedules for heating and cooling depending on your lifestyle. Good ones allow you to do separate schedules for every day of the week, and even do a manual override if you stay home.

Smart thermostats can do much more that look good on your wall. The Lyric will factor in external conditions like temperature, humidity and weather. It will even track how far you are away from home, “learn” when you come and go, and anticipate your heating and cooling needs. When it senses that no one is home, it can go into energy-saving mode.

Lyric smart thermostat appThere are lots of added bonuses, with features like reminders to change your furnace filter, and alerts if something unexpected happens. You can install the app on your iOS or Android phone.

Lyric is coming in August 2014.