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Knight Accredited by the BBB for 25 Years

Better Business Bureau 25 Years Accreditation

We’ve got a milestone to announce that we’re very proud of. Knight Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has been accredited with the BBB and in good standing for 25 years!

You can view our official certificate here.

25 years of Accreditation with the BBB

“I would like to thank all of our hard working Knights for helping us achieve our 25 years of Ethical Enterprise certificate,” said company president Bernie Wandler. “My father in law, who started this company in 1970, was so proud to hear the news.”

BBB 25 Years Award Presentation
(L – R) Nick Sims (BBB Chair of the Board of Directors), Mark Coffin (Knight’s Service Manager), Bernie Wandler (Knight President), Mary O’Sullivan-Andersen (President & CEO of BBB Southern Alberta/East Kootenay), Maria Gallant (Knight Customer Service Representative, and Sherri Nadeau (Knight Dispatcher/CSR).

Ryan Wandler, company Vice President, said “As the youngest member of a third-generation family business, I feel this achievement really sets us apart. We’ve been doing everything in our power to ensure that “Knight” is synonymous with “respect for your customers”. I intend to make sure that we earn the 50-year award when the time comes!”

Customer Service Manager Mark Coffin added, “We really have to hand it to everyone on the team who helps our customers, from the plumbers and technicians in the field to the customer service reps who answer the phone. Everyone does their part.

Once again, congratulations to each and every member of our Knight team!