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Knight VP Ryan Wandler Shares Flood Prevention Tips on CBC


Ryan Wandler, Vice President of Knight Plumbing and Heating, shares his tips on how to prevent flooding in 2018. Click here to view.

With spring officially here, we’re all dreaming of warmer temperatures. But that warmer weather will bring some not so great things with it: that includes flooding. CBC asked Calgary plumbing expert, Knight’s own Vice President Ryan Wandler what a big thaw could do to homeowners.

“It’s one of those things that people kind of deny that it can happen,” says Ryan. But when temperatures rise, it’s a real threat.

“This could happen this year,” Ryan confirms. “And if we get a quick warm up like we may be getting here, people will get flooding.”

Remember the Flood of 2013?

It might have been almost 5 years ago, but many Calgary homeowners can still remember every detail of the devastating flood that resulted in $6 billion in damages. It was the worst flooding in Calgary’s history.

Flooding, no matter how much there is, can cause destruction and loss. Much of it can be prevented by taking the right precautions.

How Can I Prevent Flooding in My Home?

There are 3 things you can do to help prevent flooding in your home.

1. Check Your Downspout

Your downspout is what funnels water from your gutters away from your home. In the winter, it can get snowed in and blocked with ice.

“Now is the time to make sure your downspout is pointing down,” Ryan says. Clear away any ice as needed, and resituate your downspout to the proper position.

2. Have Your Sump Pump Serviced

A sump pump is an essential system for any home with a basement. But you need to make sure it’s ready for the upcoming spring season. We recommend having your sump pump serviced now so you don’t end up with a swimming pool in your basement later.

3. Shovel Snow Away from Window Wells and Foundations

When snow melts, all that water needs to go somewhere. Keep it away from your foundation and basement by shoveling regularly.

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