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Copperfield School Donations Take the Form of Books, Tone Chimes

There are few things more important than a child’s education. Unfortunately, funding sources can be few and far between when it comes to trying to secure new educational tools. One school, Copperfield Elementary, was having such problems.

Knight’s Heating and Plumbing made a $5,000 donation in May to Copperfield Elementary School, which was in need of a little help. When we learned that, we didn’t hesitate to jump into action.

The Donations

The donations that Knight made to Copperfield was divided among three important projects for the school.


The first part of the donation took the form of planters and seeds, something Knight’s Vice President, Ryan, is very passionate about. “My boys love the garden and seeing plants grow, so we thought this would be a great kick start.

“For the remainder of the donation funds, the school came to me with 5 more options, and I chose the reading books and chimes.”

Ryan Wandler, Bernie Wandler, and kids of Copperfield Elementary


Knight was able to provide the students at Copperfield with brand new science textbooks, which they students were reportedly thrilled with.

“A wise man (my dad) one time told me education and understanding are the keys to all future sucessess,” Ryan said when speaking with one of the grateful teachers. That is why donating books was a no-brainer.

The students at Copperfield Elementary extended a heartfelt thanks to Ryan and the rest of Knight.thank-you-knight


Across the country, music in schools is the program that will often take a hit when it comes to funding. For Knight, providing some additional supplies for Copperfield’s music class was a priority. Knight’s founder and Ryan’s grandfather, Tony Hinger, was a great music lover and the musical donation was given in his honour.

Knight was able to give the music class some much-needed tone chimes, exciting the students with endless musical possibilities.

“I know thousands of children will benefit from having these tone chimes for years to come,” said one of Copperfield’s teachers.knight-donates-tone-chimes-final

It Feels Good to Do Good

Knight is no stranger to giving back to the community. We support a number of charities, and make numerous donations similar to the one made to Copperfield.

“I’ve got to say it felt energizing to see them use the tools that Knight Plumbing had donated! It’s really awesome when you walk into the school months later and they still recognize you and thank you for the donated items,” Ryan said.

It was such a good experience, we can hardly wait to do more next year.