Save Money By Using Your Air Conditioner Wisely

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Having an air conditioner is essential these days. But you can save as much money as possible on your energy bill by following these easy tips.

1.    Keep the air filter clean.

No matter what kind of air conditioner you have, a clean air filter will help it work more efficiently. A good rule of thumb is to change the filter every 2-3 months, but definitely check it every month. Depending on what your home is like, changing it monthly is not out of the question.

2.    Use a programmable thermostat.

During the day when you’re not home, program the system to turn off, and set it to cool when you’re due back home. Don’t worry about keeping the temperature within a 5-degree threshold. It takes less energy to cool a house down when needed than to keep it running 24/7. On cool days and nights, just turn it off.

3.    How high can you go?

Set the temperature as high as you can, and keep wearing your summer clothing. There’s no point in setting for a colder temperature and then bundling up in a sweater.

4.    Use your system’s speed.

If your system allows this, use a slower fan speed on humid days. This will help your system condense more moisture out of the air, and will help you feel cooler at the same temperature.

5.    Fan it.

Use ceiling and standalone fans to help distribute the cool air around your home, and keep you cooler by blowing warmer air away from your body. Make sure the ceiling fan is rotating so that it will blow cool air where it’s needed. What about the energy used by the fan? Not to worry – your AC system uses many times more energy than any fan.

6.    Keep an eye out for problems.

Make sure the drainage and air flow from your air conditioning system aren’t blocked, and that the evaporator coil is frost-free. Don’t let yard debris like leaves or grass clippings accumulate on the outdoor condenser unit.

7.    Shade the outdoor condenser unit.

If you have tall trees, shrubs or something else to keep the condenser in the shade, you will use about 10% less energy than if you let it bake in the sun.

8.    Invest in maintenance.

Having a professional HVAC technician check your air conditioner at the start of every summer will ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible through the summer heat. Ask the technician for his recommendations for better efficiency. A common issue is ductwork that isn’t sealed properly, which means cool air gets leaked in random spots in your home.

9.    Choose an energy efficient air conditioner.

The SEER rating on your air conditioner can make a huge energy savings difference. If you have an older, inefficient model (less that SEER 13), look into an upgrade. A 13 SEER unit will use about half the energy of a unit that is 10-15 years old.

10.    Close off unused rooms.

For rooms that aren’t in use very often, close any vents and keep the door closed.

11.    Be smart about furniture layout.

If there is any furniture blocking vents, move it. There’s no point in paying to cool the underside of a sofa.


There are also lots more things you can do around your home to keep your house naturally cooler.

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