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We Say Goodbye to Calgary’s Toilet Replacement Rebate

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August 15, 2016 Marks End of Toilet Replacement Rebate

For many years, Calgarians could get a $50 plumbing rebate from the City of Calgary for purchasing a WaterSense toilet. Unfortunately the program is now over according to the City of Calgary’s Rebate Page. But does that mean it doesn’t make financial sense to upgrade your toilet anymore? No way!

But don’t fear! Are you the age 65 and older? Check out the SHARP Grant in Alberta.

Low Flush Toilets Still Save Money on Your Water Bill

Obsolete toilets are one of the biggest sources of wasted water in the home. Some older toilets use as many as 13 L per flush (the modern standard is 4.5). Modern designs not only look better, but they use much less water for equal or superior flushing power. Just imagine the water and the money that could be saved if everyone in Calgary made the switch.

EPA Watersense

Buy a High-Efficiency Toilet and Save

When you buy a new toilet, look for the WaterSense logo: the sign of a high-efficiency toilet. High-efficiency toilets use much less water, so you’ll save money on your monthly water bill and sewer charges – often $100 or more per year.

You’ll also be helping to protect Calgary’s water supply. Calgary has an ambitious water saving plan called the “30 by 30” – it stands for reducing water usage levels by 30% the year 2030 in spite of population growth. While we’re well on our way, we need everyone to do their part.